Park Auto Group

Friday, May 27, 2011

Our Employees sound off...What does Memorial Day mean to you...

Lisa Downey- " Remebering those who have died. Family tradition of going to cemetaries and putting flowers on the graves of family members."

Chris Gless- "America, Baseball and Cookouts"

Jason Kuhns- "Being a OIF Veteran, Memorial Day means to me that is a day to take a moment to remember all Service men and women who have paid the ultimate price for freedom. Also, to enjoy all the freedoms that we do have in this Nation. Always remember Capt. Mark Stubenhoffer I-41 Inf. Fort Riley KS Dec 7, 2004"

Moez Hedri- "To Honor the Heros that sacrificed their life for our freedom"

John Gardiner-" A day to remember all of those who made the ulitmate sacrifice so we can choose to live the way we want-Semper Fi!"

Jessica Sanders- "To me it means remembering the troops who served and fought for our country and being grateful to those who are serving now. They are the ones that help us sleep at night."

Randi Myers- " Memorial Day is a day to remember all those that have given their lives while in our Nation's Service. These men and women fought for their loved ones and complete stangers while putting themselves in harm's way and unfortunately did not return to reek the benefits of what they did for our nation. I am thankful and will be in internal debt to all those honored on this day, for I have and never will be able to give them anything close to what they have given to me."