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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finger Print Turkey Craft- Fun for all ages

Fingerprint Turkey Craft

A finger and a bit of paint are all you need to make this super-cute turkey.

Its fun for children to make for namecards on the Thanksgiving supper table (we don't normally use name-cards... we aren't that formal, but sometimes the kids like to help out with the decorating and hostessing... they always seem to arrange a spot right beside Grandma *grin*)


brown finger paint

red, yellow and/or orange finger paint

scrap of cardboard or old margarine container lid (something to act as a pallet)

black marker

paper or card stock


Squeeze a bit of brown finger paint onto a margarine container lid

Squeeze a bit of red and/or orange finger paint onto the lid, spaced away from the brown paint (or use a second lid)

stamp the pad of your index finger into the orange or red paint

Use your finger to make an arch of fingerprints as the turkey's tail

Optional: Make a second arch around the first one using your index finger or your pinkie again... you can use the same color or another autumn color for the second arch (it's actually better to make the outside arch first if you're planning to do two)

Use your thumb finger to stamp a brown thumbprint in the center of the arch as the turkey's body

Use a marker to add feet, a beak and eyes.