Park Auto Group

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Used car dealers carry the stigma of the balding salesman with the obvious comb over wearing a plaid sports coat from the 1970s doing everything they can to look cool and talk smoothly to their customers. The stereotype of these sleazy salesman that mislead their customers with their fast talking misinformation could not further away form the used car sales people that earn their living by selling quality used vehicles and practice honest and ethical sales tactics to close their customers. The stigma of a dishonest car dealer is so strong that many people dread buying a car and avoid shopping for a vehicle for as long as they can that would make their lives better.
Regulated by a state run agency that licenses each sales person and monitors the business practices of each new and used car dealership customers can have peace of mind in knowing that when they buy a used vehicle they are getting the best car at the best price and making a great deal when they purchase from a used car dealer.
Many sales people are honest, hard working individuals that are eager to make a sale, but know that word of mouth is still the best form of advertising and that repeat customers and referrals are the only way to conduct business. If you look around at the people that work for the dealerships you will notice that the majority of sales people are clean cut and professional. They are knowledgeable about their inventories and approachable with questions about the vehicles that they are selling. With an open and honest approach to greeting their customers and dealing fairly with them, the used car sales people are changing the old stigma of the sleazy salesman and replacing that image with one that is friendly and honest in their dealings.