Park Auto Group

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Habitat for Humanity Day at Park Subaru

Below are the items that we can and cannot accept.
All items must be in good, resalable condition and the ReStore reserves the right to refuse any item.
If you don't see an item on the list, or have a donation question, please call the donation hotline at 330-493-0011.

Items We Love

* Must be 10 years old or newer and in perfect working condition
* Dishwashers
* Washer/dryer (electric or gas)
* Refrigerators
* Microwave ovens
* Ovens (drop in or free standing – electric or gas)
* Other small appliances

Cabinets must have all doors and drawers. We accept both kitchen and bathroom cabinets in sets or individual pieces (all must be complete containing all doors and drawers). Must have no structural or water damage

* Doors must be in excellent condition, with no rotted wood, broken glass, or peeling paint.
* No doors over 84 inches tall
* Pre-hung or slabs
* Exterior or interior
* Storm doors (must have all tracking)

Windows must be complete units (with all sashes and frame) with no rotted wood, cracked glass, or foggy glass

Lighting must be complete, in working order and in excellent condition.
* Lamps
* Indoor lighting
* Outdoor lighting

Plumbing items must be in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, rust or water damage
* Stainless steel and porcelain kitchen sinks
* Pedestal and drop-in bathroom sinks
* Fiberglass bathtubs with no cracks
* Complete faucets
* Miscellaneous plumbing hardware

WOOD furniture in excellent condition.
UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE, including BOX SPRINGS and MATTRESSES must be free of stains, tears and animal smells.
* Office furniture
* Chairs
* Dining room sets
* Couches
* Coffee tables
* Bookshelves
* Bedframes
* Dressers

* Mantels
* Columns
* Stained and leaded glass windows, etc.

* Carpet Remnants must be 10ft x 10ft or larger, and in excellent condition with no visible wear, tear, stains or animal smells.
* Area Rugs must be free from visible wear, tear, stains or animal smells.
* Carpet Padding must be 10 ft x 10 ft or larger with no visible stains or animal smells.
* Hardwood Flooring must have no splitting or cracking, must be at least 30 sq. ft.
* Vinyl and Ceramic Tile must be at least 50 sq ft., in excellent condition, no chipped or broken pieces accepted.

Complete sets of door hardware, hinges, etc. Any quantity of nails, screws, fasteners, hangers, connectors, etc.
Accepted on a seasonal basis. Full, unopened, quarts, gallons and 5-gallon buckets of latex paint only.
* All lumber must be free of ALL nails and screws
* All lumber must be 5 feet in length, with no warping.
* Sheetgoods (particle board, paneling, plywood) must be at least half sheets with no damage
* Trim and molding must be 5 ft. length minimum

Residential electric items only. No donations of commercial electrical stock accepted.
* Home d├ęcor and knick-knacks
* Dishes and cookware
* Wall art
* TVs (10 years or newer)
* Packaged wallpaper
* Shutters
* Gas logs
* Free standing wood stoves
* Window AC units
* Hand and power tools (in good working condition),
* Palletized brick or glass block
* Stone pavers