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Monday, September 14, 2009

New Pet of the Month for August 2009

I'm Annabelle, also known as AB.

I'm really a person, stuck in a dog's body. A dog's life is so much easier. Eat, sleep, poop. What could be better?

I was adopted from a pet rescue center about 4 years ago, when I was 5. I became the center of attention with the Morris family. I pretty much rule the roost here. I try to keep on the low down, sleeping most of the time. Naps are interrupted by eating/and or begging and going outside to sniff and harrass the dog next door who is chained. I stay just far enough away that when he runs to get me, he gets yanked back. My favorite past time is snatching his bones and then running home so he can't get me. My vet said I could stand to slim down a bit, but I think big is beautiful.

I love to go for rides with my family in the car- sitting around the house gets boring. I don't care where you are going, crack the window and I'll wait patiently until you get back. It really bums me out when I can't go, so I put on the sad face and mope under the kitchen table til my family gets back.

I definitely have "the life".