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Monday, June 15, 2009

Top 10 green gifts for Dad

Top 10 green gifts for Dad

Fathers are notoriously hard to shop for, and what if your dad is an eco-friendly guy who prefers to live light on the planet instead of pile up more plastic clutter around the house?
Look for gifts that use recycled materials or gadgets that help the big guy further his favorite green activities. Here are some of our faves...

1. Black & Decker power monitor
For the father who loves to tinker around the house, this little device is the perfect companion. One part attaches to the home electric meter, and the handheld monitor wirelessly gives real-time data about home energy consumption. If your dad's the type who always reminded you to turn off the light, he'll appreciate knowing exactly where power is being used and what he can save thanks to this gadget.

2. Bamboo cutting board
Is Dad a kitchen whiz? He'll appreciate a brand new, bamboo cutting board (or even better, a whole set!). This sustainable wood is 16% harder than solid maple, but cooks swear that it's gentler on high quality knives. Bamboo is far more renewable than plastic, and it's low maintenance -- just clean up with a quick rinse.

3. Furniture made from sports equipment
Want to spoil a sports nut? Get him a bench made from snowboards or a coat rack constructed of hockey sticks. How about an Adirondack-style chair made of water skis? These one-of-a-kind pieces are built from recycled hockey sticks, snow and water skis, wakeboards, and snowboards.

4. Ankle solar bike light
For the active dad, this solar-powered light is a great addition to his workout or commuting gear. Bike in the morning with the lightweight light (it doubles as a pant-leg clip), and if it's dark on the return trip, he'll have a fully-charged safety light. It's also great for jogging and walking the dog. No batteries needed.

5. Vintage transit token cuff links
Thank Dad for using public transit and remind him of a favorite city at the same time. These cuff links are made of vintage transit tokens from Chicago, Honolulu, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.

6. GreenSmart commuter laptop bag
This isn't an ordinary laptop bag. It's not just rugged and stylish; the material is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Your father is ready for business with a computer bag that protects his gear and the planet.

7. Stainless-steel lunch carrier set
Give "take-out lunch" a new meaning with this handy reusable lunch system. Perfect for fathers to take to the office or on the road, these lightweight yet durable sets can store hot or cold food. Add in a cloth bag and bamboo utensils and Dad can easily brown-bag it every day.

8. Rain watering wand
If your father loves to garden, he'll want to treat his plants right with an accurate watering wand. With adjustable settings and a telescoping reach, the wand waters exactly where it's needed and doesn't waste water.

9. Bottle lamp DIY kit
Did pops sing "100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" during long car trips? Recycle those memories and six empty glass bottles to create this unusual lamp. The kit contains a frame and base to hold both a light bulb (CFL, of course) and the bottles. Dad's choice of beverage is not included.

10. Handmade necktie
Put a twist on the traditional Father's Day gift by searching for ties made by one of the many artisans on Search for Dad's favorite color or search according to his hobbies. Maybe he'd find a Ms. Pac-Man tie funny. Sailing buffs might like this navigation print. And there's always a classy red silk tie.