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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

30 plus Fits available.

While reading through some of the Honda Fit chats on Facebook it seems that some people are having trouble finding a Fit to test-drive. did announce that Honda would up production by 20,000 units for 2009. Park Honda will be getting its share of the 20,000 additional Fits. In 2008 most dealers were getting 2 fits per month. For 2009 Park Honda will be receiving almost 4 FITS PER WEEK! That means that Park Honda will have more color choices and model options than any other local dealer. We will have exactly what customers are looking for right here on our lot. What could be more perfect than finding the ideal color on the ideal model for your newly redesigned Honda Fit and driving it home the same day? Many My Space members have reported waiting weeks and months just to get to look at a 2009 Fit. Wait no more my friends. Park Honda has your Fit. It will not be long until the summer driving season is back again and the price of gas steadily rises. The Fit will be here waiting for you when that happens!

Snow can’t last forever… well I guess it can in the form of water and clouds etc but this is a Honda blog not a weather blog.

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